Get the behind the scene scoop on Compass Crate

Welcome to Compass Crate - adventures ready to get you and your adorable children outside enjoying nature.

Created by Tiffany and Sara - two overzealous, homeschooling, entrepreneurial moms who enjoy taking their 8 kids out on adventures and are always up to learn a new skill, or two. We would like to take all the credit for the idea behind Compass Crate, but we will be the first to admit that it was inspired by our wonderful children, their undying love of nature, and extraordinary need to be constantly learning and exploring. And, since we figured we would be putting together these adventure kits for our kids anyways, we might as well share them all with you. That is how Compass Crate was born, one adventure box at a time. Because, nature never goes away, kids never stop exploring, and childhood is too short.

We invite you to join us in taking your children outside and go explore.

We hope you adventure with us soon!